So I was given a code for xbox one for the game Hayfever.

This is £12.49 in the uk and released on 25/02/2020.

Code for review provided by zordix.com


* Music,sound,graphics all very retro.

* Alot of levels gor your money.

* When you die respawn almost instantly.

* Loved the cat meows makes you sneeze which is how you get to higher places.

* Classic chill game very fun.

* Story very simple to follow.

* Deaths happen alot found myself being like annoyed for a second but then wanted try again.


* Controls on jumps could be better as in more tighter precise.

* Alot levels kinda hurts as super repetitive makes you get bored.

* No way actually kill some enemys that have found.


You get a very nice super retro feeling game that is fun but has issues in short bursts this game is great.

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