I was given a code for xbox one for review from

This was released on 26/02/2020 and in the uk is priced at £4.19.


* Has ability to change music sound alot indie games reviewed dont.
* Very simple combat not like some games where you need alot buttons,combos.
* Fun game to play wierd story in a good way.
* Boss fights fun as have mechanics to them such as second boss you have be behind to really attack him.


* Graphics are kinda blocky and not pretty.
* Feels lacking as in got boring as combat was dull due to basic controls.
* Boss fights while different feel more case of die repeat to learn mechanics frustrating.
* Played for 1 hour so far got to 3rd level could not find use for hearts you pick up.


Is fun game especially at price point but has issues as it basic kinda hurts fun felt way to dull with combat,graphics.
Story most time didnt know why i was doing what I was doing.

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