I was given a code for review on xbox one by the amazing people at


This was released on 10/12/2019 and in the uk is priced at £8.39.


* I love there a sound,4k mode nice

* Random boxes make for feeling always one more run.

* Obelisks/Totems are awesome no way to tell good/bad buff HP+/HP-

* Alot weapon types and all feel different.

* Loads different enemy types all act different.

* Boss fight was good very fast moving kept me on my toes.

* All ranged combat spells,crossbows have unlimited ammo has cool down on reload stops spamming.


* Dont like you have to do 70% of enemy kills before you leave level.

* There 10 levels between boss fights sometimes feels to long.


I loved nearly every part of this game very fun if you love dead cells then this game will feel great and different enough to be worth a buy.

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