So i was given a review code for xbox one by my awesome friends at http://www.SometimesYou.com.

This is due out in the UK on the 18/03/2020 and priced in the UK at £4.19.


Help the little skeleton to explode the way out from dark dungeon and not explode himself.

Explosive jake – classic arcade game. Not only humans are afraid of the dark and deep dungeons. Our hero – a little skeleton with a unhealthy crave of explosions, which trying to escape from dangerous castle dungeons.

Help him to avoid enemies and explode the way out

* 40 levels of * Dynamite * Explosions * Vile knights * Cute skeletons * Charming rats * Deadly traps


* Game has awesome feature in CRT mode very retro and has music volume option.

* You get 40 levels which is alot.

* Very addictive gameplay when you die makes you want try again.

* Controls very simple which is nice just enjoy game straight away no combos or loads buttons learn.

* Like you can walk through bombs stops you getting stuck.

* Has power ups which change range of bomb reach only temporary and boots that make you move twice speed to normal all power up random spawn and last for the level.


* Can get a bit repetitive as only goal each level is find door and key to door.

* No controls to learn the buttons or change any button layout.


My score for this was 8.5/10

I really enjoyed this game had alot fun very retro and got more fun more i played.

Would love if there was a button layout learn controls and remove reset button.

Definitely worth the UK price of £4.19 fun retro great buy.