I was given a review code for xbox one by publisher Bromio and developed by Mecha Studios. This was released in the UK on 12/03/2020 and in the UK priced at £16.74.


Assume the role of Rick,a red masked vigilante in search of superpowers and companions to defeat hordes of vicious enemies,solve defiant puzzles,unlock new paths,complete engaging side-quests and finally,free the decaying futurist Neon city that has been seized by a group of super powered gangs.

You have free roam of map which is nice as every area is very different in terms enemys look and feel.

Awesome retro feel and looks very 80s in both look,sound.

Great story makes you feel part of world that feels alive.


* Graphics are really cool very 80s feel.

* Sound is good nice retro sci-fi style.

* Areas all different fir example one area your controls get reversed.

* Alot of humour world feels alive.

* Boss fights all different keeps you on your toes.

* Combat is simple and feels good.

* Powers you get all different and used in combat and exploration.

* Puzzles are challenging but rewarding.

* More you play and unlock better game gets as very fun addictive retro game.


* Tutorial at start can make you feel lost and puzzles can be annoying.

* Would be good had a manual save option as some are far between.



Game has some issues but love the cyberpunk feeling and looks very retro and would recommend this to everyone.

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