I was given a review code from the from who are the developers and is published by Ratalaika games S.L.

This was released in the UK on 11/03/2020 and in the UK priced at £4.99.


Its time for a new point of view to the classic arcade shooter experience! In Super Destronaut Land Wars, its up to you shoot down enemies and collect points to move on the next level!.


* 30 different challenges to complete.

* Test your skills in special arcade modes.

* Various weapon types.

* Stylish voxel graphics.

* Very cool music.


* Graphics very pretty bright neon colours.

* Simple controls not alot to learn.

* Alot of levels and game modes which are all different.

* Weapons all feel different.

* All weapons are unlimited and never need to reload just button down and run.

* Upgrade menu in game to give stuff like health,weapon damage.

* Music very cool retro techno,house,electro style suits game.


* Not very challenging enemy ai is very basic.

* Alot of levels and game modes but very fast if you after trophy/achievements.

* Fun game but feels empty and gets dull fast as enemy ai and lack of challenge makes game dull.


I would give this game a 7/10

So for the price it kinda fun but after 20 mins or so gets dull very little replay ability does have cool neon colours.

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