I was given a xbox one review code by keymailer.co on behalf of publisher @Deck13Spotlight and developed by Playwood project.

This was released in the UK on 24/03/2020 and in the UK priced at £16.74.


Experience a living,breathing tabletop video game that invites the player into a miniature universe full of small adventures set in a beautifully handcrafted diorama battle boards inspired by Norse mythology to honour the Vikings.

Wartile is a cool down based game that keeps the action flowing with ample opportunities to plan your moves.Although it contains the strategic elements from turn based games a mixture of slow down features and cool down based gameplay maintains the tension of battle.


* All characters are awesome and game boards great feels different all hand made feel.

* 6 characters all very different looks and play styles.

* Story very good as all voiced all characters aswell.


* Graphics are awesome as characters look exactly like miniature figures.

* Six characters all play,look different.

* Story all voiced and interesting to hear.

* Simple mechanics in terms of looking at stats for weapons,everything.

* Alot of depth to different builds play styles.

* No permadeath if you die you can replay levels.

* Not alot of levels but you can replay levels at harder difficulties in amount enemies and their level.

* Alot of different skills and cards to equip each characters.


* Would have been good have a level editor or co op.

* Would have liked better control of camera so ability see whole map and sometimes menus not as easy to navigate as could have been.



Overall I liked this game very much had some issues like camera and could benefited from tutorial but still new to genre.

I would recommend this game very pretty and interesting story and mechanics.

This is from me streaming which i do during reviews mixer.com/grimreapersage7

Wartile part 1 https://youtu.be/MFX3_SB0tXc

Wartile part 2 https://youtu.be/0iG7DNY096w

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