I was given a review code for xbox one by developers Papercastle and is published by digeratidistribution.com

This was released in the UK on 14/02/2020 and in the UK priced at £14.24.


Underhero is an rpg-platformer where the chosen hero has failed,an underling of the evil king reluctantly takes his place as the new hero. Use timing based combat to defeat enemies as you venture across the land face off against quirky bosses and save the Chestnut Kingdom from your own evil boss MR STITCHES.


* A side scrolling rpg adventure complete with lush pixel art cartoony aesthetics jump,slash,evade,talk,and bribe your way through a fantasy adventure with a satirical twist.

* Turn based combat without the turns! Precisely timed actions are your most powerful weapons.

* Soundtrack composed by Stijn Van Wakeren.

* Story full of humour and mysteries await.


* Cool graphics retro feel.

* Simple controls to learn they feel good.

* Wierd story and game but very compelling.

* Music awesome as you pick up tapes for different music retro very cool.

* Combat is very different but feels intuitive and refreshing.

* Coins used for upgrade skills and stuff.

* Has cool bribe option if enemy hard or unprepared you can pay them off.

* Has decent length for both story and to 100% it.


* Combat different and takes a while get used to.



Overall all game is amazing and loved it but struggled alot at start as combat very different you have to learn visual signs as in jump,duck.

I would definitely recommend this 100% once learn different battle style is amazing.

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