I was given a xbox one review code by @ElladaGames who are the publisher and developer is @TortugaTeam

This in the UK priced at £12.49 and in the UK released on 10/04/2020.


Braveland Trilogy ia a turn based game inspired by old school strategies with hexagonal battlefield.The story will take place in a hand drawn world and cover many interesting places and characters.Various warriors will join your army of Archers,Scouts,Healers,Footman, Arbalesters and more.


* Turn based battles in old school style.

* Command your troops and defeat enemies in hand to hand battles.

* 50 Various warriors and creatures from Archers,Golems.

* Three story chapters each in unique corner of the world.

* Evolve your hero,find awesome artifacts,learn battle magic.

* Intense boss fights at end each story chapter.

* Hours of gameplay with 200 battles.

* High definition awesome illustrated cartoon.


* Graphics cool cartoony style.

* Alot of content for the price of the game.

* Simple mechanics in terms upgrading skills,units.

* Alot of different units that all different in terms of combat,movement.

* Like how every fight before takes place shows colour showing difficulty green – skulled.

* Music is retro cool.

* Three different storys in game.

* Each story very different to each other. Warrior – Control your team standard fantasy adventure. Ice Mage – Different looking map,talents to upgrade your army,different enemys and different units to control. Pirate Captain – You actually use the hero,different map,talents enemy units to use and chests give you option take money or XP.


* Simple combat may make some people get bored and wish it said all other story’s unlock able at start as changes game knowing this as all story’s play different.



There is couple issues but 100% loved it buy it highly recommended great game.

Here all my videos from my streaming that used during my reviews

Braveland trilogy pt 1

Braveland trilogy pt 2

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