I was given a review code on xbox one by publisher,developer UglyBeardGames LLC.

This is released on the 29/04/2020 in the UK and in the UK priced at £6.69.


Lord Wellington was great adventurer. You’ve traveled to the town near his castle to listen to his stories and learn how to be a great one too. But everything isn’t as it seems and your education might unfold differently than you expected.


* Brawl online with up to 16 players.

* Crawl through dungeons with friends online,local split screen.

* Three different classes all unique feel.

* Artifacts give you special abilities.

* 12 Different maps to Brawl on in team,versus mode.

* Skill tree to customize your character.

* Retro 8 bit style graphics.

* Loads different weapons,items,armor,all different and simple stats to understand.


* Three different characters and all very unique in both look and play styles.

* Loads different armours,weapons,artifacts.

* Very simple stats page to understand and easy manage inventory system.

* Each of the characters have 4 abilities and overall simple to use and understand.

* Controls are re map able and also has a contact us page very good for contacting them.

* Love how portal you can use anytime takes you back to town to sell buy more stuff and the fountains in town heal you aswell.

* Simple gameplay makes game very fun and story interesting and had a laugh from start of campaign to end of story.


* Game may be to simple as just 4 abilities to learn.

* Story not very challenging and boss fights very easy.

* Short game not much replay ability after finish story.



Overall has some issues made by 2 people and for the price it is a very fun game enjoyed it.

Good game is fun worth a buy.

Here is all my videos of my streaming whilst doing review of the game

Crawlers and Brawlers part 1

Crawlers and Brawlers part 2

Crawlers and Brawlers part 3

Crawlers and Brawlers boss fight Jerry

Crawlers and Brawlers boss fight curator

Crawlers and Brawlers boss fight Fire Mage

Crawlers and Brawlers boss fight Lord Wellington

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