I was given a xbox one code for review by Developer ternoxgames.com and is published by Victory Road LLC.

This is released in the UK on 21/04/2020 and in the UK priced at £4.19.


Taimumari:Complete Edition includes full Taimumari game with all the dlcs and legend of Himari mini game! Retro-style platform game in keeping with the best traditions of games of our childhood! Take control of the Himara,the young female wizard travelling across various ages to settle the balance in time across the whole world!


* Various levels.

* Alot of abilities to learn.

* Hardcore action gameplay, wont leave you bored.

* Control the time and space!.

* Secrets and easter eggs.

* Character leveling system.

* Three difficulty levels.

* All villains are people just like you: Learn what’s the reason behind them turning into their current state, or just fight them without further ado.


* There are alot of spells to learn all very different in use some beams some area of effect.

* Controls very basic and nice not alot to learn.

* Very retro feel cross between mario,alex the kidd very cool.

* Collectables are very addictive made me want replay to get them all.

* Graphics retro pixel feel is pretty.

* For the price you get a very fun game and surprisingly longer game with alot in the game to enjoy.


* No volume option for music which very annoying as found was loud and wish could change but no option wierd.

* No controller re-map where some people may get annoyed by this.

* Very basic game may not be everyone style very anime look may put people off.

* No real replay ability if you not bother with collectables then it a short game.



Overall for the price is fun little game good for achievements if you intrested in that just has some issues but main one once done the story and collectables it basically done move on.

If you want fairly easy 1k buy it.

Here is my video from my streaming this to make content for my review mixer.com/grimreapersage7

Taimumari: Complete Edition https://youtu.be/-ZHNs6EfWxY

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