I was given a xbox one review code This was Developed and Published by @2zombiegames

This in the UK was released on the 24/04/2020 and in the UK priced at £16.74.


Quest Hunter is an isometric action RPG where your choice drives the story. Find tons of treasures and secrets solve puzzles,equip your character,level up your skills and finish off enemy bosses.Play on the couch,alone or with friends,or make a online party for up to 4 players.


* Story driven RPG: Influence the storyline,choosing answers in dialogues.Save the world from eternal darkness.

* Random generated dungeons: Try your luck see if you can find your way out of the dungeon.

* Quest and Puzzles: Move,turn,light,switch over dig up solve a variety of puzzles and search for treasure.

* Skills and Super Powers: Upgrade character attributes explore new skills.Become a invincible killing machine.

* Weapons,Armors,and Items: Find create and upgrade your weapon and armor cook potions or make bombs.

* Cross play in co op mode available on all platforms.

* Cunning bosses find your approach to them.


* Cool almost hand drawn cel shaded graphics.

* Combat is very fun basic as you have three abilities assigned to buttons and a block button and attack but combat is very fun and enjoyable.

* Upgrades are cool and interesting abilities.

* Story is engaging and kept me interested and has choices which was surprising and nice little touches.

* Has customization options which help you make a unique hero some outfits are cool like top hats.

* Nice and simple upgrade options for health,armor,as basic unlike other games with loads menus,stats to learn.

* Upgrade options for backpack and box nice as there alot stuff you pick up on your adventures.

* Almost everything is destructible from trees,stones,boxes.

* Very addictive gameplay that drags you into the world and it feels alive and enjoyable to experience.


* The game is basic in terms of combat and abilities that may put some people off the game.



I really enjoyed this game having played Diablo and other games like that this felt nice as not as complicated but definitely would recommend this as a buy has alot of charm in terms of game and world,humour. BUY THIS FUN AND ENJOYABLE.

Here are the videos from me streaming while writing my review on

Quest Hunter part 1

Quest Hunter part 2

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