I was given a xbox one review code by Publisher and Developer @AwesomeGamesStd furyunleashed.net

This is released in the UK on 8/5/2020 and in the UK priced at £16.74.


Fury Unleashed is a combo driven roguelite action platformer each kill you make increases your combo. Hit certain thresholds and your damage resistance,healing powers will kick in.


* Ever-changing comic book,Explore the pages of a living comic book where ink is a valuable resource find out why John Kowalsky creator of Fury Unleashed is having a creativity crisis,see you able help him.

* Gameplay-impacting combo system kill enemies quickly enough to unleash your fury.

* Game customization options- choose either challenging Hard mode or play on easy to adjust to your skills complete on hard mode to unlock higher difficulties.

* Roguelite with soft permadeath- Discover worlds created by a mix of hand designed levels procedural levels, unlock permanent upgrades aswell.

* Master each enemy’s behaviour patterns and overcome a total of 40 bosses and all accompanied by epic composer Adam Skorupa and Krzytof Wierzynkiewicz, the creators of music for The Witcher,Bulletstorm,Shadow Warrior.


* Music is awesome very metal inspired fits game perfectly.

* Character customization is deep and allows you to build your hero how you want.

* Procedural generated levels, how keep each playthrough feel fresh and excitement each run.

* Challenges appear and are random each time some easy some hard all challenging and fun.

* Over 40 bosses all have own attack, behaviour patterns helps keep you on your toes as never know what boss will spawn.

* Super slick controls and satisfying traversal.

* Four scenarios from Aztec jungles, Sci-fi Nazis,Alien invaders provide alot of variety and fun.

* Tons of weapons and unlocks help keep you coming back time after time very addictive.


* Randomised levels may not appeal to some people.

* Tough difficulty may put some people off as even i died lots and played game alot.



Overall this game is difficult but very fun especially if you enjoyed Dead Cells,Metal Slug type of games. You get alot of game for your money and very addictive gameplay.

I would definitely recommend this game as alot of fun and value for the price.

This is footage from me streaming this on my mixer.com/grimreapersage7 which used to help do review.

FURY UNLEASHED PART 1 https://youtu.be/dFtjc1ew0pQ

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