I was given a xbox one review code by Publisher @blacktowervc and Developed by Goonswarm.

This is released in the UK on 8/05/2020 and in the UK priced at £16.74.


Sin Slayers is an RPG with roguelite elements set in a dark fantasy world where your choices determine how challenging the fights will be.Create,equip lead a team of heroes. Each unit has its own abilities,weakness plan your combat strategy primeval forests,crypts full of fallen warriors.Battles,traps,bizarre enemies everything trying to kill you in between battles rest at fountains,churchs,waterfalls. Travel every path and byway of the valley obtain new weapons,complete quests gather ingredients for magical elixirs,craft armors if a item is beyond your ability head back to the blacksmith at the church.


Sin Slayers Enhanced Edition includes all previously released expansions which include new locations,items,enemies,heroes,new storyline,many additional quests.

* Randomly generated locations.

* Roguelite with Dungeon crawler elements.

* Turn based JRPG combat system.

* Dark fantasy world.

* Sinfulness system changes difficulty of the game.


* Very big list of characters and every character has different stats,abilities,style.

* Sinfulness system is cool changes level makes it harder by up the enemy level this also goes up do things like open doors,search bodys.

* Graphics are cartoonish hand drawn very pretty.

* Loads of different builds for each character and you can build them play how you want.

* Love all randomly generated locations never know what you get each run.

* Has a addictive feel makes you want keep trying even when you fail (Happened alot)


* Sinfulness system kinda makes you not wanna risk opening doors,bags.

* Because it random generated sometimes feels you set to fail.

* Very hard game steep learning curve may put some people off.

* Hated that quests are cancelled when leave area and all random if you find quest giver.



So game has a couple issues that might put some people off but it is a fun deep and challenging game if you persevere.

This is footage of me streaming on which i used to help write my review.

Sin Slayers Enhanced Edition

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