I was given a xbox one review code by Developer @Team8_Studio and is Published by Drageus Game @DrageusG

This is released in the UK on 29/5/2020 and in the UK priced at £12.49.


1/ Play alone or grab some friends. 2/ Pick a character and his mutations. 3/ Fight your way out of the mad mansion!. Each of the 12 levels are procedurally generated for more variety and replay value. Hordes of enemies are waiting for you but keep an eye on your environment, its dangerous and will adapt to your progress. Upgrade your hero to build your own gameplay style and combine different weapons create unique playthroughs.


* Procedurally generated levels make unique playthroughs.

* Vibrant and original hand painted art style.

* Over 75 powerful and crazy weapons all feel unique to one and another.

* 4 Unique characters with special abilities.

* Over 50 mutations to upgrade your hero.

* Lots of enemies to destroy and dangers/traps to avoid.


* Unique hand drawn art style makes game feel unique and vibrant.

* Over 75 weapons they are all very different and change playthrough and play style such as ice weapons the slow enemies to fire weapons cause burn to machine fire super fast.

* All 4 characters are all unique in terms look,abilities,play style they are all amazing personal fav was devil loved its buffs like more speed and damage if not hit.

* 50 Mutations meaning you can build your hero to make him unique for you as can pick a specific one or none.

* Music is cool and suirs gameplay.

* Lots of enemies and they seem to adapt to you which keeps you on your toes.

* Procedurally generated levels helps keep game fresh as never know what appear on the level e.g. Bank to store the crystal to unlock mutation tier sometimes i found none.

* Bosses and overall game hard and challenging combat even on easy pulls no punches.


* Difficulty might put some people off as if you die you have to restart run would of loved maybe a after u kill boss can get start from this point.



Overall this is a challenging game even on easy setting but had me coming back everytime to do one more run.

I would definitely recommend this as very pretty and alot of fun but be ready for a challenge but it is also very rewarding.

Here is the 4 unique characters showing first part up to first boss fight.

This is a video from me streaming playing this game

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