I was given a Series X code by Publisher All In ! Games @AllinGamesPub and Developer The Farm 51 @TheFarm51

This is released in the UK on 28/09/2021 and in the UK priced at £24.99.


Chernobylite is a sci fi survival horror RPG. Set in a hyper realistic 3D scanned wasteland of Chernobyl’s exclusion zone you take on the role of Igor looking for hes fiancée who disappeared here 30 years ago.


  • Stealth, Survival, Combat – Each day brings new challenges as you fight and your supplies diminish.
  • Base Building, Crafting – Build a base for your day to day operations use tools like workstations to make gadgets, traps, modify existing equipment to suit your needs.
  • Resource + Team Management – Companions are key to your survival, each day requires careful resource, tasks for your comrades.
  • Non- Linear Storytelling Strategy – No playthrough is the same you make your own choices in story, combat and the future is up to you.



Game is very pretty super detailed world felt alive and was a joy to explore.

Alot of different enemies all unique from soldiers to monsters and more all have own movement and reactions to learn.

Tons of weapon customization all very detailed and actually changes handling and feel of all weapons.

All weapons have own look and feel making them all original.

Creepy atmosphere made me jump and very paranoid as no music just ambient sounds in world making me hearing footsteps and feeling like was being watched all the time.

Base building mechanic is very cool as can build how you like with little touches for the base such as lights and more.

Alot of content for the price of £24.99 alot of replay ability as multiple options for dialogue and more.


Has a few issues with stability and audio stuff such as whenever would load game me audio would change from English to Russian and would have to go to audio settings to change back to English and had it crash more than a couple of times despite being on a Series X.

Can be very daunting at start as alot you need to build, farm and gather resources.



Overall has a few issue such as game crashing, audio issues such as having go options as everytime loaded in audio was changed to Russian and can be very daunting at start. Game is full of content for £24.99 with loads of options for gun customization and story and world is very cool to explore.


* Game is very pretty super detailed.
* Alot of different enemies all unique.
* Tons of weapon customization options.
* All weapons have own look, feel.
* Creepy atmosphere made me jump, paranoid.
* Story is very interesting from start to finish.
* Base Building mechanic very cool.
* Alot of content for the price of £24.99.

* Has a few issues with stability and audio stuff, game crashed a few times.
* Can be very daunting at start as alot you need to build, farm resources.

Here is video footage from me livestreaming on my twitch channel then uploaded to my YouTube channel


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