I was given a Series X code by Keymailer

Publisher Utopos Games @UtoposGames Developer Jani Penttinen @jani_penttinen

This is released in the UK on 13/01/2022 and in the UK is priced at £16.74.


Utopos Space Station was the new hope for humans. It failed. Never underestimate human greed. Your job is to clean up the mess. Fight alien life forms, rescue scientists,deliver vaccines to combat a deadly pandemic.


  • Couch co op for up to 4 players.
  • 4K/60Fps on Xbox One X, Series X.
  • 5 Distinct worlds.
  • 45+ Levels.
  • Hours of fun.



Weapons are very cool as all had own feel to them and can be upgraded to make stronger faster firing and more.

Enemies are varied all had own look and own attacks make them all different.

Bosses are all cool as all unique and all had own movement style and attack patterns to learn.

Levels are super varied and there is alot as is 45+ levels with 5 worlds all levels and world have own feel to them.

Ships look cool, and all have own stats which can be upgraded all have own feel to them and own movement style.

Graphics are really cool and pretty 4k 60fps.

Tons of difficulty options which is good as caters for those who want hard challenging game to the casual player which is good for all types of players.


Ship is hard to control as all feel like on ice which did cause me crash into alot of things frustrating.

Levels can be very easy to get lost and struggle to find the last objective as some don’t show up on the radar which can be annoying.

Levels can be short with no reason to explore some levels finished in under 1 minute with nothing to explore to find.



Overall has some levels that are short finished in under 1 minute and no reason to explore also ships handle like you ice. But game is pretty and cool enemies and all ships have own feel and game is perfect as can be challenging for those who like hard challenging games but also can be played on easy for the casual players.


* Tons of weapons all have own stats, feel.
* Tons of enemy's all own look, attacks.
* Bosses all cool have own mechanics.
* Alot of levels, 5 worlds, 45+ levels.
* Ships look cool and all have own feel, stats.
* Graphics very cool, pretty, 4k 6ofps.
* Tons of difficulty options for those who want challenging to casual players.

* Ship is hard to control as feels like on ice crashed alot.
* Levels can be easy get lost or struggle to find last objective and more.
* Levels can be short no reason to explore.

Here is video footage from me livestreaming on my twitch channel then uploaded to my YouTube channel.

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