I was given a PS5 code from Developer PikPok @PikPokGames Publisher PRODIGY DESIGN LIMITED

This is released in the UK on 30/3/2022 and in the UK is priced at £15.99.


Take control of the Sceptre the agency’s latest high tech transforming vehicle and take on CLAW to save the world.


  • Perform daring stunts, use gadgets against bosses in their own vehicles.
  • Three chapters to uncover CLAWS plan.
  • Side missions unlock cool game mechanics.
  • Time trials to push the Sceptre to its limit.
  • Leaderboards to see who best agent.
  • Hone accuracy in Target practice.
  • Complete objectives to unlock data on art, lore, world.
  • Unlock secret experiments including the Hoversceptre to change the way you play.
  • Fully voiced cast, diverse characters.
  • Over 30 songs inspired by beloved soundtracks of the spy genre.



Graphics very cool and detailed on the cars and enemies.

Assist mode is very good as makes game way more accessible to all types of players nice touch.

Enemies are very cool and all have own look and movement patterns and own attacks to learn.

Weapons are fun to use all very different and unique all had own feel to them when used.

Characters you meet throughout the story are interesting and all are unique with own personality to them.

Story is very fun from start to finish and felt like a Saturday morning tv show or cartoon.

Bosses are all awesome all have own look and own attack patterns to learn on how to defeat them.

Alot of content for the £15.99 as multiple side missions all are different and also challenges and boss and world bios to unlock.


Levels can be short and you can finish them quickly.

After you finish the story, no reason to replay unless you are trying to 100% the game.



Overall game is very fun, pretty with cool enemies, bosses, weapons and alot of content and with the assist mode option makes the game suitable for all types of players, good value for £15.99. Downsides is levels can be way to quick and short and only three chapters means after you finish the story no reason to replay story after done unless you want to 100% it.


* Graphics very cool and detailed.
* Assist mode very helpful for new players.
* Enemies are very cool, all have own attacks.
* Weapons fun to use all very different.
* Characters you meet, unique interesting.
* Story is very fun from start to finish.
* Bosses awesome all require own way to beat.
* Alot of content for £15.99 as multiple side missions, challenges, boss bios to unlock.

* Levels can be short can finish quickly.
* After you finish story, no reason to replay it unless you trying to 100% it.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.

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