I was given a PS5 code from Koch Media UK @KochMediaUK Publisher Koch Media UK @KochMediaUK Developer Nine Dots Studio @NineDotsStudio

This is released in the UK on 17/05/2022 and in the UK is priced at £34.99.


Outward Definitive Edition delivers an immersive RPG experience coupled with survival gameplay.


  • As a ordinary adventurer you will have to hide from enemies, fight them and battle hazardous environments and eat, sleep, drink water and avoid diseases in this harsh free to explore world.
  • Take the challenge solo or with a friend to help you on your adventures.
  • City building mechanic as you help create your own landmark for people to survive in this hostile land.
  • Enchantment system enhance your gear, weapon, trinkets to improve damage, elemental effects and more as there is over 85 recipes to upgrade to suit your style.



Tons of skills to learn as can learn multiple then when you find set you like can further the skill tree line to get great bonuses and there is loads of build options to suit everyone’s playstyle.

Areas are big full of stuff to do and find and all areas have own feel to them and own monsters and enemies and was a joy to explore and all felt alive.

Tons of weapons that you can find and craft and improve all have own stats to them and all have own feel to them.

Tons of armor all are unique offering own stats and defense options and can be upgraded aswell.

Survival aspects of the game are very cool love how you have watch what you eat drink and even when you sleep and even avoid contacting diseases.

Characters you meet are all unique and all offer own quests and all have own personality’s.

Enemies are all very cool in look and all have own strengths weaknesses and all have own moves and own attacks to learn how to do with.

Alot of content as includes DLCs and all areas are huge with total freedom to go where you want and has loads of skills to learn and loads of builds you can make to suit your playstyle all for £34.99.


Map doesn’t show your location so is very easy to get lost until you have learnt the area and its landmarks.

You die alot even on normal which may annoy some people as no hand holding from start.



Overall can be frustrating as game doesn’t show you on map so is very easy to get lost as have learn areas to learn where to go and game doesn’t hold your hand you will die alot from enemies and the world which may annoy some people. Game is very fun as has tons of skills and armors and very cool enemies , weapons and total freedom to go wherever you want and build your own playstyle and your own adventure.


* Tons of skills to learn loads build options.
* Areas are big full of stuff to do, find, and areas all feel alive and joy to explore.
* Tons of weapons all have own feel, stats.
* Tons of armor all unique look, own stats.
* Survival aspects are cool and in depth.
* Characters you meet all unique, own personality.
* Enemies very cool look, all have own moves attacks to learn. 
* Alot of content as areas are huge with freedom to do what you want and loads of skills, builds suit your playstyle all for £34.99.

* Map doesn't show your location so easy get lost until you learn area.
* You die alot even on normal which may annoy some people as no hand holding.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.




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