I was given a PS4 code which I played on my PS5. Code provided by Publisher PID Games @PID_Games Developer Alawar @alawarteam

This is released in the UK on 19/5/2022 and in the UK is priced at £16.74.


The galaxy’s inhabitants have been swamped by crime since the fall of the empire. Aidan is a three armed bounty hunter who must hunt down the most dangerous and elusive cutthroats in the galaxy.

Hunt criminals across the fringes of the galaxy, the core worlds, and the ruins of long gone civilizations. Upgrade your equipment, gain new abilities, grow stronger and destroy anything that stands in your way. Some bounties are rewarded with money, others with information that Aidan can use to find the people who set him on this path – all while getting embroiled in a galaxy – wide conspiracy.

Enjoy a complex story interwoven with high octane gameplay and full of twists and turns that hit as hard as a bounty hunters third arm.



Story was interesting from start and main character was interesting and unique.

Enemies are all cool looking and all had own moves and own attacks to learn how to beat them and counter their attacks.

Bosses are very cool in terms of look and all have own attacks and multiple phases to learn in order to beat them.


Skills are very cool and can pick certain ones to suit your playstyle.

Lots of secrets to find in levels which can give you more ammo or bonuses to healing pouch’s, energy, health upgrades.

Like how during missions you gain the ability to scan enemies and pick up bounties on them then teleporting them away to get instant money is very cool idea.

Game has alot of content for £16.74 as can either kill or capture bosses which is a nice option and has cool enemies and a fun enjoyable game.


You die very easy in like a couple hits especially if you mess up the counter moves which can be annoy how easy you die.

Movement can be clunky especially when jumping during platforming sections often found myself missing platforms.



Overall is a fun game with cool enemies, bosses and has alot of secrets to find and like the choice to either capture or kill bosses. Has a couple of issues such as you die very fast like in a couple of hits which can be annoying and movement during platforming sections is clunky.


* Story interesting from start to finish.
* Enemies cool look, all have own attacks.
* Bosses very cool look, own attacks, phases to learn to beat them.
* Characters you meet all own look, personality.
* Skills very cool to suit your playstyle.
* Lots of secrets to upgrade health and more.
* Like how earn money from bounty targets during missions.
* Game has alot of content for £16.74, as can either kill or capture bosses and is a fun enjoyable game.

* You die very easy which can be frustrating.
* Movement can be clunky when jumping during platforming sections.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.

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