I was given a PS5 code. Publisher VERSUS EVIL @vs_evil Developer Room- C Games @GamesRoomc Croteam @Croteam

This is released in the UK on 14/06/2022 and in the UK is priced at £24.99


The Hand Of Merlin is a turn based roguelite RPG in which Arthurian legend clashes with cosmic horror.


  • A Roguelike Experience
  • Carve a path across the lands of Albion, Marca Hispanica and Al-Andalus. Will you take a dangerous route, risking life and limb in pursuit of a legendary relic? Or will you choose a safer path? Plan and prepare. Negotiate, barter, fight. Tackle challenges. Suffer losses. Recruit new Heroes. Earn Gold, Supplies and Renown. Be careful: your choices are permanent, as is death. But don’t tarry – evil never rests.
  • Tactical Turn-Based Combat – Master the tactics of squad-based and turn-based combat to conquer both human and demonic foes. Your enemies will be tough and ruthless; make use of high ground and cover, set up ambushes and coordinated attacks, harness synergies between different Hero classes and skills.
  • Non – Linear Narrative – Enjoy a compelling story inspired by Arthurian legend, the Matter of France, and the history of Al-Andalus – with an unusual twist. Make choices in interactive encounters that change every time you play. Written by Jonas Kyratzes (The Talos Principle, Serious Sam 4) and Verena Kyratzes (The Lands of Dream, Serious Sam 4).
  • Hard Mode – Suited for only the bravest adventurers. Experience an even greater challenge with complex resource management and tougher enemies. Earn Essence with each run that can be exchanged for Blessings and Curses, adding temporary benefits and burden in equal measure to your next run.
  • Dynamic Levelling – Use Renown to level up your Heroes, and choose between a randomized set of new skills or improved attributes. But choose wisely! Select skills with great synergy and balance your party for the road ahead.
  • Equipment Upgrades – Seek out towns to improve your arms and armor, or stumble upon hermit artisans in the wild. With every day that passes, the world plunges deeper into darkness, and you will need all the equipment gold can buy.
  • Relics – From a peasant’s humble luck charm to the legendary sword wielded by Arthur himself, items imbued with magical power are scattered about the world. Some you will be able to purchase from merchants and collectors, but others will have to be earned through acts of heroism – or displays of wit.
  • Spells – Rain thunder and brimstone upon your foes! Seek out and gather Soulstones to restore your power and unlock new Spells. Even if defeated, your spirit will retain all of your collected arcane knowledge as you jump into the next dimension.
  • Alternate Dimensions – As you jump from one parallel dimension to the next, history is reshaped. Different kings rule the land, changing the encounters, characters, and events. No two worlds are ever quite the same, and each journey will be unique. And should your heroes fall, remember: defeat is not the end, only a new beginning.



Graphics are cool and very detailed on all characters environments and enemies.

Tons of skills that you can pick to suit your playstyle and then later can upgrade the skills even more all skills had own feel to them.

Enemies are all cool looking with all having there own attacks , movement and strengths and some even having skills to counter melee units attacks or when the enemy die has skills that are activated.

Characters you play as and even more that you can unlock through playing the story or unlocking certain conditions all have own feel and look and all have own stats and can be upgrade to suit your playstyle.

Alot of difficulty options which is nice as suits all types of players from casual to ones that want to play with permadeath options.

The choice to go where you want on map and map changes everytime you play is nice as can pick how challenging you want the fights.

Dialogue options are cool as very old school and nice as can choose how you interact with the world.

Alot of content as multiple difficulties and lots of different characters, dialogue options, build options all for £24.99.


Controls are clunky especially when navigating menus in combat and during exploration.

Alot of mechanics and stats that can be confusing at start as what everything does and uses.



Overall can be clunky when navigating menus both in and out of combat and alot of information and mechanics to learn at start can be daunting, but game offers alot of replay ability as alot of characters, difficulty options and dialogue options to make your own experience all for £24.99.


* Graphics are cool and very detailed.
* Tons of skills you can use to suit playstyle.
* Enemies cool look all have own attacks.
* Characters you play as all own stats, feel.
* Alot of difficulty options suit all types of players.
* Choice go where you want on map, pick your fights.
* Dialogue options cool as choose how interact in world.
* Alot of content as multiple difficulties and lots of different characters, dialogue options, build options for all for £24.99.

* Controls are clunky navigating menus.
* Alot of mechanics and stats can be confusing at start.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.

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