I was given a PS4 code which I played on my PS5. Code provided by Publisher DANGEN Entertainment @Dangen_Ent Developer Next Stage Inc

This is released in the UK on 9/9/2021 and in the UK is priced at £24.99.

( Previous titles reviewed from @Dangen_Ent are Lost Ruins 9.0 Ara Fell 9.0 Minoria 9.0 Smelter 9.0 )


Ultra Age is a high speed, sword swinging action game set in the far future follow AGE the young warrior on a mission to save humankind from extinction by cutting through robotic, mutant foes and vast conspiracy regarding the planets fate.


  • High speed combat chain combos, switch between swords in battle.
  • Wire skill is used for exploring, find secrets and in combat grab, pull yourself to enemies.
  • Gather resources to unlock new skills and upgrade Helvis for more heals, gather items, critical rage, and time shift for respawning enemies, resources.
  • Explore a Post-Apocalyptic earth that is full of jungles, deserts, futuristic mecha locations all while finding mysterious characters, menacing bosses, uncover the story behind the fate of humankind.



Story is interesting from start to finish.

Enemies are cool in look and all have own moves, attacks and own weaknesses to exploit and all move around and feel alive.

Graphics are very cool and the world feels alive and detailed also has secrets to find and more.

Tons of skills to level up all are different and can make your own build to suit your own playstyle.

Weapons are all very cool all have own bonuses, stats and skills and enemies that are weak to them and all have own feel to them aswell.

Ability to fast forward time is very cool as can respawn enemies and respawn resources and can even change what resources appear.

Fast paced combat is very enjoyable liked how able be fighting group of enemies then in a second switch to different weapon whilst keeping the combat and momentum going.

Bosses are all unique in look and all have own moves, weaknesses and all have own attacks and movement to learn on order to beat them.

Alot of content for £24.99, game has cool weapons, bosses, enemies and a fun world to explore that feels alive.


Can be difficult as even on easy you can easily get mobbed and all bosses are challenging.



Overall bosses can be challenging but game has alot of content for £24.99 as offers a cool story and fun world to explore with cool enemies, weapons and combat is fast paced and enjoyable



* Story is interesting from start to finish.
* Enemies cool look all own moves, attacks.
* Graphics very cool world feels alive and detailed.
* Tons of skills level up, suit your playstyle.
* Weapons very cool all own stats, own feel.
* Ability fast forward to respawn resources is very cool.
* Fast paced combat very enjoyable.
* Bosses all unique look cool own moves, and attacks.
* Alot of content for £24.99, game has cool weapons, bosses, enemies, and a fun world to explore that feels alive. 

* Can be difficult as even on easy bosses can be challenging. 

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.



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