I was given a PS4 code which I played on my PS5. Code provided by Publisher Developer JUJUBEE S.A. @JujubeeGames

This is released in the UK on 17/6/2022 and in the UK is priced at £15.99.


Help Professor Adams by diving to find relics and mysteries while diving in this relaxing exploration in uncharted waters, visit sunken vessels help wildlife and clean up plastic and pollution from the oceans.


  • Stunning visuals explore with cold to hot seas full of wildlife and more.
  • Immersive approach each dive teaches you how to manage your oxygen and avoid hazards like the BENDS.
  • Underwater danger avoid sharks and manta rays and more.
  • Hunting the unknown helping professor Adams solve mysteries in a underwater world.
  • Prepare yourself by unlocking new gear that helps you access new areas and more.
  • Games Beyond lend a hand saving the oceans and seas while learning about the submerged world and its enigmatic world.



Pretty game and very detailed levels that are interesting.

Alot to unlock each upgrade helps by either making you swim faster or stay down longer even get a remote control drone aswell.

Levels all have own feel to them and all have own wildlife and own secrets to find.

Wildlife very detailed feel alive in the way they move around and even attack you.

Feels nice to be cleaning levels up helping fish destroying rubbish.

Chilled out game which is very relaxing to swim around gathering collectables.

Gun is very cool looking and loved how with a press of a button could switch from helping wildlife when the light is green to red for destroying objects and when encounter dangerous wildlife.

Good value as £15.99 and is a fun peaceful game that makes you very chilled and happy as learn about oceans and its wildlife.


Controls are fiddly especially when swimming between obstacles as often found myself bumping into rocks and stuff.

No reason to replay levels after you 100% them.



Overall is a fun chilled out game that is nice exploring levels trying to pick everything up and helping wildlife and solving mysteries and good value for £15.99. But game has fiddly controls when trying to swim between places often found myself bumping into them and once you 100% the levels there no reason to replay them.


* Pretty game and very detailed levels.
* Alot to unlock for your character.
* Levels all have own feel, secrets to find.
* Wildlife very detailed feel alive way they move around.
* Feels nice cleaning levels, helping fish out.
* Chilled out game very nice relaxing.
* Gun is cool looking nice how can heal wildlife and also destroy objects like nets.
* Good value as £15.99 and is a fun peaceful game makes you very chilled which is nice.

* Controls are fiddly when swimming between obstacles often bumped into them.
* No reason to replay after you 100% levels.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.

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