I was given a PS4 code which I played on my PS5. Code provided by Publisher NIS America, Inc @NISAmerica

This is released in the UK on 11/3/2022 and in the UK is priced at £24.99.


Join a intrepid girl on her many adventures as she strives to become a hero with the help of her mighty dragon protector.

Along the way, meet new friends, collect items, and help folks from all walks of life! Discover a heartwarming tale of kindness, companionship, and family in a gorgeous hand drawn world.



Characters that you meet are all unique in look and all have own personality to them and felt alive and interesting to meet.

Story is interesting from start to finish and very enjoyable.

Skills are all cool and unique and different love how some can disable special moves and some are area of attack abilities offers alot of choice.

World is big and full of secrets and enemies and is fun to explore as felt alive and very pretty as all hand drawn.

Enemies are all cool looking and all had own attacks and weaknesses to learn to beat them.

Combat is easy to learn and fun as not to many mechanics to learn very simple perfect for all types of players.

Armor, weapons all have own stats and bonuses to attack and defense and easy to understand as not loads of stat menus systems, also can be swapped around and removed from companions when they leave which is nice

Accessories very varied and can be swapped around and are returned when a companion leaves and all have own benefits such as increase to speed or immune to cold or my favourite is HP recover at end of each turn.

Great value for money as £24.99, offers a fun story that is easy to follow a pretty hand drawn world full of secrets and feels alive and fun combat that is not to overcomplex to learn and very cool enemies and characters and companions you meet on your journey.


Is alot of backtracking which can get annoying when trying to get to quest locations then having to go back after.



Overall backtracking can get annoying but for the price of £24.99 this game offers a very fun enjoyable story a pretty hand drawn world that is full of secrets and fun to explore as feel alive and offers nice easy to understand combat with great enemies and very cool characters and companions.



* Characters meet all are unique, interesting.
* Story is fun, charming interesting.
* Skills are cool unique, different.
* World is big and fun to explore.
* Enemies are cool looking all have own attacks.
* Combat easy learn not tons to learn.
* Armor, Weapons all have own stats.
* Accessories very varied from immune to cold to restore HP at end each turn.
* Great value for money as £24.99, offers fun story, world to explore, fun combat and not overcomplex to learn and cool characters.

* Is alot of backtracking which can get annoying.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.

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