I was given a PS5 code from PR company Plan Of Attack Biz Publisher Thunderful Publishing @Thunderfulgames Developer Dejima Games @DejimaGames

This is released in the UK on 22/6/2022 and in the UK is priced at £14.99.


Take on the role of a young fire girl Armed with a axe, high pressure hose that also acts as a jetpack as you travel to fires to fight pyro monsters and help rescue civilians and even trapped cats.


  • Procedurally generated blazes set across forests, trains, lavish hotels, apartment blocks.
  • Rebuild the firehouse and upgrade your equipment and hire new staff all offer own bonuses.
  • Rescue trapped civilians from burning areas and even rescue trapped cats by using your axe to smash doors and obstacles and your hose to make a jetpack for helping to reach trapped people.



Characters that you meet are all unique in look and all have own personality’s.

Upgrades are all cool and all unique and help change game alot and simple to understand not to complex like other games.

Simple controls make this game very easy to pick up and play for everyone no massive skill list or combos to learn.

Recruits are awesome as all have own look and more importantly all have own bonuses such as permanent health boost and more.

Enemies are very cool looking and unique nice as alot of the enemies are to aggressive which is nice.

Story is interesting from start to finish and fun.

Good value for £14.99 as offers easy pickup and play gameplay, fun story with cool upgrades.


Can be repetitive, and samey as each evel is similar find trapped civilians rescue them then find exit.

Very easy as not very challenging in terms of difficulty as most enemies either slowly move towards you or stay in one place they dont really go for you.

Some levels can be very short as you can finish some in under 2 minutes.



Overall for £14.99, has a cool story, characters, upgrades, but can get very samey and not very challenging for some and some levels are short as can finish some in under 2 mins.


* Characters meet all unique interesting.
* Upgrades are cool unique.
* Simple controls easy pick up and play.
* Recruits offer own bonuses.
* Enemies cool looking unique.
* Story is interesting and fun.
* Good value for £14.99 as offers easy pick up play gameplay, fun story, cool upgrades.

* Can be very repetitive, samey.
* Very easy not very challenging.
* Some levels can be finished in under 2 mins.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.

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