I was given a PS5 code from PR company Press Engine @press_engine Publisher PQube Ltd @PQubeGames Developer Mass Hive Media @MasshiveMedia

This is released in the UK on 22/9/2022 and in the UK is priced at £15.99.


The town of Moonbury prefers to rely on traditional methods until one day the Mayor’s daughter feels ill and asks the Medical Association for help you are sent to help her and all the residents of Moonbury.


  • Take care of around 30 residents when they get ill.
  • Diagnose symptoms and find a cure for them.
  • Gather ingredients from the world by cutting trees, smashing rocks and more.
  • Confront monsters to get materials.
  • Brew remedies in your cauldron to help residents.
  • Build relationships with townsfolk and more.
  • Upgrade the town and surrounding areas.
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.
  • Spend time with a faithful companion your dog who follows you and can find NPCS and find hidden items for you.



Story is interesting from start to finish.

Characters meets are cool all have own personality, and all have own routines and jobs they do so they move around in the town.

Enemies are cool in look, and all have own attacks, and all even have their own drops that you need for potions so makes worth killing them.

Very charming world to explore and felt alive and fun to explore.

Simple controls to suit all types of players and nice as not need to learn multiple combos or alot of mechanics good for casual players to basically anyone.

Loads of upgrades to the house you live in clinic for treating patients and even your tools in order to harvest faster and more tougher materials.

You can pet dog that follows and even name it and feed it dog can also find hidden materials for you and locate NPCS to find them for quests or more.

Awesome way to make potions and has cool mechanics to make them by building a grid puzzle then after you made the potion couple of times you can skip the puzzle section and just auto build them good for selling or stock piling.

Alot of content for the £15.99, has cool enemies, and a very charming world that is fun to explore and a very cool potion mechanic that is so fun and original.


Only give one item type to all the people to boost your relationship level that makes it slow to upgrade multiple different people’s relationship levels and also not very personal as it the same type for everyone.



Alot of content for £15.99, has cool enemies, story, characters, simple controls for everyone of all levels and had a super cool and unique potion crafting system that is awesome and fun. However, can only give one item type to people to boost the relationship level which makes it feel not very personal as everyone can only be given same item.



* Story is interesting from start to finish.
* Characters meet cool all own personality.
* Enemies cool all own look.
* Very charming world to explore.
* Simple controls suit all types of players.
* Loads of upgrades to house, clinic, equipment.
* You can pet the dog that follows you.
* Awesome way make potions cool mechanic.
* Alot of content for £15.99, has cool enemies, very charming world, cool potion creation.

* Only give one item type to all people to boost relationship level makes feel not special.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.





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