I was given a PS4 code which I played on my PS5. Code provided by PR company @press_engine Publisher Team 17 @Team17 Developer Rekka Games

This is released in the UK on 15/11/2022 and in the UK is priced at £16.99.


Bravery + Greed is a beat em up, roguelite dungeon crawler where you can get rich or die trying.


  • Deep Robust Combat System – Play as a Mighty Amazon, Valiant Warrior, Agile Rogue, Eccentric Wizard each class possess a breadth of powerful combo move sets.
  • Customizable Character Choices – Change your skills with on the fly decisions that affect your run and how long you live.
  • PVP + PVE Variety – Take on adventure mode on your way to the sky fortress or battle waves in horde modes or fight to see who is supreme in PVP.
  • Greed is Eternal – You can unlock permeant unlocks and awesome content and game altering augmentations.



Enemies are all very cool as all have own look and all have own attacks to learn.

Heroes that you can play as are all very cool all have own look, and all have own moves attacks and own feel to them.

Cards that you can collect are very cool mechanic as all are unique and all offer pros and cons for using them.

Companions that you can rescue are all cool and helpful and can have multiple with you and all have own feel to them.

Levels are fun to explore, and all feel alive with loads of multiple paths.

Challenging difficulty you die often.

Armor, Trinkets are cool, and all have own uses and multiple stats and lots of variety to them from combat uses to health bonuses and many more and can swap out at any time you find different piece of equipment.

Alot of content for £15.99, as has cool enemies, heroes and companions are cool and tons of gear options all with own uses and own feel to them.


Die very easy can be frustrating as seem be squishy.

Nothing new to genre feels samey.



Overall, can be samey as nothing new to the genre and you do die very easy as seem be squishy. However, for £15.99, has cool looking enemies, heroes all have own look and own moves and own feel to them and has loads of Armor, Trinkets which are all cool and all have own perks that change gameplay style such as offering bonuses for health and damage and many more.


* Enemies very cool look, own attacks.
* Heroes cool look own feel and moves.
* Cards collect are unique and own stats.
* Companions can rescue are cool, helpful.
* Levels are fun to explore feel alive.
* Challenging difficulty die often.
* Armor, Trinkets cool own look, uses.
* Alot of content for £15.99 as has cool enemies, heroes, companions and tons of gear own uses, look.

* Die very easy can be frustrating.
* Nothing new to genre feels samey.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.

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