I was given a PS5 code from Publisher, Developer Terry Cavanagh @terrycavanagh

This is released in the UK on 6/2/2023 and in the UK is priced at £11.99.


Dicey Dungeons is a fast paced deck building roguelike where you become a giant walking dice and battle to the end of an ever changing dungeon.


  • Six Wildly Different Playable Classes – Warrior, Thief, Robot, Jester, Inventor, Witch.
  • Dozens Of Enemies from Vacuum cleaners to creatures from Irish mythology and many more.
  • A catchy upbeat soundtrack by CHIPZEL ( Previously musician from Super Hexagon.)
  • Beautiful and adorable artwork by MARLOWE DOBBE.
  • Procedurally generated for endless play – throughs.



Characters that you play as are all unique and all have own look, and own feel to there combat style which is cool.

Characters that you meet are all interesting and all have own look and personality to them.

Enemies are all cool and all have unique look and all have own moves and weaknesses to learn to beat them.

Challenging game that keeps you on your toes as challenging.

Loads of potential builds and is impressive as can upgrade cards to remove either number required to use or damage or even shrink size of the box meaning can slot more attack or buff options.

Story is fun and interesting from start to finish even has humor which was cool.

Easy to pick up and play as easy understand mechanics.

Alot of content for £11.99, has a cool story, enemies, loads of potential build options, challenging game.


Challenging game that can be frustrating as die easy.

Can feel bit rigged as is RNG on dice rolls which sometimes meant got screwed with naff rolls and struggle to anything with the rolls.



Overall can be frustrating as dice rolls are RNG, which sometimes means you get naff rolls especially if you have cards that need certain number such as have 4 and below and get all 5 on the dices and is very challenging fail very easy. However for £11.99, has tons of characters which all are unique in look and more importantly have own combat style and feel to them and has tons of potential builds, cool characters you meet and cool enemies and is a easy pick up and play game with cool art style.


* Characters play as all unique look, feel.
* Characters meet interesting unique look.
* Enemies are cool unique look, moves.
* Challenging game keeps you on your toes.
* Loads of potential builds is impressive.
* Story is fun and interesting.
* Easy pick up and play.
* Alot of content for £11.99, has cool story, enemies, loads of potential build options, challenging game.

* Challenging game can be frustrating.
* Can feel bit rigged as is RNG on dice rolls, sometimes get screwed.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.






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