I was given a PS5 code from PR Company Plan Of Attack Biz @planofattackbiz Publisher 110 Industries SA @110industries Developer Soleil Ltd.

This is released in the UK on 14/2/2023 and in the UK is priced at £54.99.


Wanted Dead is a new hybrid slasher/shooter from the makers of Ninja Gaiden and Dead Or Alive. Follow a week in the life of Zombie Unit, an elite Hong Kong police squad on a mission to uncover the major corporate conspiracy.


  • Hack N Slash – Use a variety of deadly moves.
  • Third Person Shooter – Use SMGs, Assault rifles and many more.
  • Brutal Finishers – Over 50 unique finishing moves.
  • Cyberpunk – Crazy mix of advanced weaponry.
  • Gripping Storyline – Zombie Unit uncovers a major corporate conspiracy.
  • Truly Hardcore Experience – Fights are not easy to prepare to have tough enemies.
  • Beat Em Up – Take down enemies to proceed in a nostalgia modern twist on the genre.
  • A love letter to the sixth generation of consoles.



Characters have own look and all have own personality and humor about them.

Enemies are all cool as all have own look and all have own moves and AI is impressive as will react and group and counter your attacks.

Upgrades are very cool as there is alot of them and all change style and help alot such as more health packs or reduce damage and many more.

The story is fun and so very crazy as swaps from normal to anime style during missions and has so much weird quirkiness to it.

Weapons are very cool as alot of variety and your main weapon and pistol can customized to suit your playstyle loved having alot of stopping power on pistol to stun enemies then melee them also chainsaws are so fun to use.

Mini games are very cool and weird as ranges from karaoke to claw machines and weird ramen eating games and more all very fun and unique.

Challenging as you die very easy on normal I died so many time on not even a boss that game unlocks NEKO-CHAN mode which is basically easy mode as puts cat ears on your character but still is challenging even on this difficulty but definitely recommend if you struggling die alot and game gives you option to use NEKO-CHAN mode.

Alot of content for £54.99, has a crazy story, cool characters, enemies, cool weapon customization options and is very challenging game.


Very difficult even on normal I died alot.

No way to replay levels which is a shame as no reason to replay the story after you finish it.



Overall no reason to replay the story after you finish replay levels and is very challenging even on normal you will die alot. However for £54.99, has alot of content from a crazy story to minigames like a claw machine to karaoke and has very cool enemies that adept to your playstyle keeping you on your toes and has cool skills with challenging difficulty on normal so I would recommend die alot as it unlocks NEKO-CHAN mode which is basically the easy mode however this is still a challenging game.


* Characters all own look personality.
* Enemies cool look, all have own moves.
* Upgrades are cool alot of options.
* Story is fun and very crazy.
* Weapons cool customization, suit your style.
* Minigames are cool varied and weird.
* Challenging die easy if you die alot it unlocks easy mode which is still challenging.
* Alot of content for £54.99, has crazy story, cool characters, enemies, cool weapon customization, challenging.

* Very difficult on normal died alot.
* No way replay levels means no reason replay after you finish the story.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.






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