I was given a PS4 code which I played on my PS5. Code from PR company Plan Of Attack Biz @planofattackbiz Publisher, Developer Wolcen Studio @WolcenGame

This is released in the UK on 15/3/2023 and in the UK is priced at £32.99.


Embark on an epic adventure in a dramatic story campaign and test your skills in the huge dynamic endgame.


  • Freestyle Character Development – Use any Armor, Weapon, Skills, to play your own way.
  • Regular Seasonal Content.
  • Expansive Endgame – Develop the city of Storm fall and face endlessly repeatable challenges.
  • Dynamic Soundscape helps you feel the force, power of your attacks.
  • Epic fully voiced -acted campaign full of twists, deadly hordes of enemies.
  • Unleash your fashion sense with large amount of dyes, cosmetics.
  • Dynamic weighty combat with powerful telegraph attacks and even the ability to transform into a aspect of the apocalypse with own skill set.



Story is interesting from start to finish.

Enemies are very cool all have own attacks and all have own moves to learn.

World is alive and very fun to explore with alot of different areas all have own look.

Skills are impressive as all are unique and can be used to make own build and more which is great as if wanna try a bow or staff or anything can just get some skills and try them with different weapon and if not like the skills can swap them back out.

Weapons all have own look and all have own stats and feel to them and are fun to use.

Huge point allocation to make your own style is cool and different as not forced down one set path.

Freedom to use any weapon is awesome as not limited to one style or one type of weapons can just swap if wanna try new style no making new character.

Alot of content for £32.99, has a cool story, enemies, weapons, world, skills and much more.


Alot to learn with so many skills and systems to learn such as crafting gem slotting and many more all can be daunting.

Clunky navigating menus on a controller when sorting inventory or selling items.



Overall has a cool story and cool enemies, skills are impressive and unique and all the weapons have own look and feel and the world is fun to explore and feels alive and much more. However for £32.99, is so much to learn as alot of systems and skills can be daunting and is clunky when navigating menus and sorting inventory on a controller.


* Story is interesting from start to finish. 
* Enemies cool own look, attacks.
* World is alive and fun to explore.
* Skills all unique make own builds.
* Weapons own look, feel, stats.
* Huge point allocation make own style. 
* Freedom use any weapon is awesome as not limited to one style.
* Alot of content for £32.99, cool story, enemies, weapons, world, skills.

* Alot to learn so many skills and systems can be daunting.
* Clunky navigating menus on controller.

Here is video footage from my videos of me playing this on my PS5 then uploading to my YouTube channel link below.






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