I was given a review code which I played on my Steam Deck. Code from Publisher Akupara Games @akuparagames Developer Dusklight Co Ltd @DusklightGames

This is released in the UK on 20/4/2023 and in the UK is priced at £16.75.


In Zoeti you use a deck of playing cards which you play combinations like ( Flush, Full House, and more ) to activate skills that you use to defeat monsters and protect people on your journey.


  • A Royal Flush – Every ability is related to a poker hand.
  • Create A Powerful Arsenal – Upgrade skills, buy accessories, items to help you on your runs.
  • Your Choices Have Consequences – Make choices such as fight, rest, and even random events that can be beneficial or hurt you on your adventures.
  • Meet Fuzzy Friends – Meet Winfred and Rabelle and many more.
  • Endless Possibilities – Three different game modes and three different characters at five different difficulties and dozens of builds, hundreds of unique enemies and every run is unique.



Characters that you meet all have own look and all have own personality to them.

Playable characters all have own look and all have own feel and own moves to give you different options for battles such as Alves is fast but Valentina has armor and more also you have to unlock them from playing you start with Valentina then Alves and finally Nicora.

An honorable knight dedicated to protecting the weak and standing as a bulwark against evil, Valentina blocks incoming attacks with her stalwart shield and puts the might of raw muscle behind every sword swing. Play Valentina if you like outlasting opponents, meeting them head on with pulverizing power.

An elusive trickster, Alves knows how to hamstring his enemies’ quickest attacks, evade their most devastating blows, and make them bleed for every swing they take. Play Alves if you like outsmarting opponents with clever ploys and deadly combos.

An ingenious mage, Nicora combines the raw power of elemental fire, ice and lightning to burn, freeze and shock her opponents into submission. Play Nicora if harnessing the primal power of terrifying magic seems the best way to defeat the trial of the gods.

Items are super impressive as so many and all offer own uses to help during runs and can use them at anytime during battles with using a turn which is a cool mechanic as alot games healing or items is a turn.

Accessories are super important in runs as offer so many perks and can equip loads and can change runs such as giving you health back after each fight or giving you attack damage up and so many more and not permanent as each accessory only lasts so many fights then its gone which stopes you being overpowered.

Skills are very impressive as not only is there alot for each character but all are unique and can swap them out to make own build and can even upgrade them to make them super strong and can be upgraded a couple of times but only once at a rest spot which adds a whole layer to which skills you upgrade first.

Choices are important as there is multiple paths and multiple options such as picking if a boss has more defence but less attack or more attack and so many more options not all options are beneficial either so be warned.

World is interesting and new each run with own layouts and own monster spawns and interaction points.

Monsters are very cool as alot of variety to them and all have own look and all have own attacks you need to learn in order to defeat them.


Super difficult and very easy to fail runs can be frustrating at times.

Sometimes RNG gives you a naff hand and makes you fail like you are just meant to fail.



Overall for £16.75, has cool characters, heroes that are unique have own skills and playstyle, accessories and items that are unique and interesting sand a very pretty art style. However can be frustrating as is super difficult and easy to fail runs and sometimes RNG gives you naff hand causing you to take damage and potentially fail runs especially during tougher fights like bosses.


* Characters you meet own look, personality.
* Playable characters all own look, feel, moves.
* Items cool own uses help loads on journey.
* Accessories super important help during runs.
* Skills impressive unique, upgradeable.
* Choices important as multiple paths, more.
* World is interesting new each run.
* Monsters cool own look and own attacks.

* Super difficult easy to fail runs and can be frustrating.
* Sometimes RNG gives you a naff hand and makes you feel like you meant to fail.

Here is video footage from me playing on my Steam Deck.



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